Friday, August 22, 2014

Fashion Styling Class Final Project

This is my final post in a series of experience recaps from the intro to fashion styling class that I attended at F.I.T. in July-August. As I've said in previous posts that the class was indispensable in helping me figure out the various paths I can take within styling. I also learned a wealth of info on what to expect as a stylist, some basic skills, tricks of the trade and a truck load of resources.
All that brings me to my topic for today, the final project! So the final project consisted of an inspiration board. It serves as the fantasy version of what your trying to create in your shoot, to paraphrase what the professor told us. 

She said, the inspiration board  sells the idea of the shoot to the photographer you'll be working with along with laydowns if you have them. A laydown is a still life photo of the actual clothes and accessories you'll use on the shoot. But you don't necessary need a laydown to show a photog, just an inspiration board. In a future post I'll explain how to create an inspiration board with laydowns.
For now, I'll show a basic shot of my inspiration board and two laydowns. In a future post I'll show more detailed pictures of each.

Now these are really two of my favorite new skills I've learned from the class. Creating an inspiration boards and laydowns can work for so many projects and not just fashion related either. But more about that in the future.  :-)

Here is the inspiration board and laydowns.


  1. You did a beautiful job Leah, I love the "Romantic Writer" and completely could see myself wearing and using all of those pieces!

  2. Awesome, thank you Georgina! That's great to hear. I love putting together outfits that are appealing :-)

    Thanks for stopping by.