Friday, August 15, 2014

Fashion Styling Class Highlights

To be honest, attending the class was one big highlight in itself! But to make things more specific I will choose my 5 favorite class highlights: 1. Guest Speaker Daryl N.: He's a model dresser and helps produce fashion shows. He's a delightful Australian with lots of enthusiasm for his job, sharing with us backstage terminology and protocol, plus a contact of an F.I.T. professor who hires model dressing volunteers for fashion week. He also shared what to expect working as a model dresser backstage at fashion shows and told us some of his interesting experiences. At the end of his lecture he showed us the items in his styling kit for backstage. One interesting item that model dressers need is a bite light. A small mouth-held flashlight used when they turn the lights off backstage before the models hit the runway. 2. Trip to Manhattan Wardrobe Supplies: This store, is the Mecca of any and all supplies you'll need as a stylist. I picked up a few items. Plus, I received a 10% F.I.T. student discount on my purchase when we went. Unfortunately, I didn't get to go back and use the discount before the class was over.
3. Visionary & Trends Presentations: I don't think any fashion styling class would be complete without seeing trend reports. The professor showed up slide presentations created by the trend forecasting agency, Fashion Snoops. First, we looked at a visionary "slide" presentation (just a PDF file). These are the super creative ideas that trend forecasters create for the design world that trends are based on. For example, we looked at visionary boards influenced by the traditional clothing of people in far flung places such as India and Russia as well as visionary boards based on earth elements. For trends we looked at grunge, biker jackets, dirndl skirts and more.
4. Discussion of cultural influences on Fashion: We discussed everything from hiphop and grunge influences to icons such as Marylin Monroe and Audry Hepburn's influence on fashion and editorial spreads. The prof showed us an interesting editorial picture of a lady in black standing in the most odd way. She asked us of we knew what movie the photo was referencing. No one knew, she said the old film, Faster, Pussycat Kill Kill. The title sounded slightly familiar but not really. Anyway, she said in her previous classes the only ones who knew the obscure photo reference were gay guys and French people. She went on to say the film is a cult classic in Paris. Kind of like how Rocky Horror Picture Show is a cult classic here in the U.S. 5. The Final Project: This was the culmination of the class-- all the learning, reading, time, energy and money that I invested. The final consisted of a creative inspiration board with beautiful images and a theme. Mine was titled The Romantic Writer. The theme storyline: The romantic writer daydreams in lace, ruffles and girly details. She writes about her adventures in style. Then, I had to create two "laydowns" (industry term for a clothing still life photo). The laydowns had to reflect the inspiration board and both be in harmony with each other's style. Next Friday I'll be showing pictures of the final project so stay tuned. Have you attended F.I.T.'s styling program or individual classes? What were the highlights for you? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading! Take care, peace.

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