Monday, August 18, 2014

Mind Right Monday Linkup

Hey everyone, today is Mind Right Monday Linkup! The first linkup I'm participating in. I'm very happy to be a part of it because it's all about being positive, setting goals and remembering what I'm grateful for. Without further adieu, here goes:
My Goals for the Week
1. To cook for the entire week and get back to 1 day a week meal prep.
2. To reformat some of the new blogs graphics I made.
3. To work on a couple future blogs posts and write guest posts for other blogs.
4. To get enough sleep.
5. Find some new Fall shoes.
6. To apply to be a model dresser for fashion week.
What I'm Grateful for
1. My supportive family.
2. Being able to live my career dreams in NYC.
3. Being able to build my business.
4. Having the opportunity to do fun things.
5. All my blessings in life.
6. That, and are hosting this linkup so that all participants can layout their goals and what they are grateful for. I know listing things out helps me tremendously when it comes to following through with what I set out to do. Thanks ladies for the motivation!
Thanks everyone for reading, take care.

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