Monday, August 4, 2014

Motivation and Support for Writing a Blog

Hey everyone, happy Monday! How was your weekend? Mine was great. Welcome to Media Mondays as they'll be known here on the blog. I want to talk about two important topics to all bloggers and that is MOTIVATION and SUPPORT. And I'm dedicating this post to people who have had the best intentions of launching a blog but just haven't gotten to it yet. There's hope just take baby steps.
Motivation, in my opinion, is the number one key to sticking with blogging. I blogged for 6 months on my first blog about fashion and natural hair ( from May to early December 2011. At the time, I was in school taking all online classes. So I really had to let go of blogging in order to focus my full attention on school.
At the end of finals week, which was the end of December, I had fully intended to pick right back up where I left off. But immediately after finals week, I had to get ready to move back to NYC for my final semester of college. I had a total of two weeks to ship out so I lost motivation fast. Life happening can always ruin one's motivation to blog and that's normal.
It wasn't until another year after that in December 2012 that I really decided that I wanted to try to blog again. I knew I had to start one to support my fashion styling biz. So I started writing and saving my blog posts in Microsoft Word because I wasn't ready to release my blog out into the world yet. Funny thing about motivation and how it ebbs and flows. I didn't officially set up until February of 2013.
I was still just writing and saving blog posts in Microsoft Word, STILL not ready to show the world my blog YET. In June 2013, I took the plunge and bought the domain name. But by now you know the story, I still didn't find the motivation to launch until last Friday, August 1, 2014. As it is, I have SO MANY old posts that I didn't even publish and don't know if I ever will. I'd rather move forward and create fresh content that resonates with me now in 2014.
So why did it take so long, you ask? Well it was really deeper than just lacking motivation. I quite honestly saw, admired and was very daunted by all the fancy fashion blogs. I thought 'Whoa, there's no way I can compete with the beautiful, professional photographic imagery, sleek blog design, model-looking, high-end designer brand wearing chicks out there. So I'll just take a seat, over there, somewhere.' LOL
But now I'm simply NOT going to worry about attempting to compete with all that awesomeness. Instead, I'll stick to being uniquely myself and awesome in my own way. I'll do what I CAN do: writing on deeper universal topics and problem-solving. For me, it'll be efficient and a better use of my time to approach fashion blogging and my budding styling career from those two angles. That way, it'll help other up-and-coming fashion bloggers and stylists get some answers for their own journey as I am on mine.
Now, let's move onto support. It's so, so, so important in order to help bloggers stay motivated to keep going. Support from other bloggers is the best and support from other writers is excellent too. And in my case, I'm trying to hone my skills in essay and short story writing as well. I've loved writing and excelled in it since I was a kid so I want to maintain my non-blogging writing muscles. So to help me get support in my writing I'm a member of an several online blogger groups plus I'm really going to make it a point to FINALLY go to a couple in person writers groups in NYC, hopefully soon before the end of August.
I would encourage you all to stay motivated and get the support you need to stay blogging though your challenges.
Tell me your best tips for getting and staying motivated in blogging slumps and getting the support you need. Hit me up in the comments below!
Thanks for reading, peace.

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