Monday, August 25, 2014

Social Media Tips for New Stylists media, the biggest attention-getter for fashionistas especially for new fashion stylists hoping to make their mark. Social media is great because if you leverage it correctly you could get noticed by the right people. I'd recommend Instagram and Facebook for stylists and to regularly update your account at least a few times a week minimum. But I have to admit that since July I've fallen down on weekly updates but I'm working on getting back to regular posting.
With that said, here are my 5 tips on increasing the likelyhood of getting noticed.

1. Tag People and Companies: To bring attention to your work, go ahead and tag people and companies that you want to see the photo. Choose your favorite artists, celebrities, athletes and brands to show specific work to. Make sure it's your best and it is most relevant to them. They may or may not look but at least you've put your work out there. Keep trying and keep the quality of your work excellent.

2. Hashtag Correctly: Write simple searchable ones that other people use like #orangeshoes, #blackleatherboots or #fleamarketfinds. Don't bother writing ones like #cantwaittogotomacys or #shoptillIdropweekend those are long and not likely to be widely used. Instead, you could write a hashtag like #shoppingatmacys or just #macys, #weekendshopping or #ShoptillIdrop.
3. Learn Great Photo Composition: There are basic techniques to learn but from there use your imagination, push boundaries and experiment.

4. Learn What People Want: And give it to them! Do some research on the top photos on social media and the internet in general. Find out what goes into making an image go viral.

5. Create Arresting Visuals: Nothing get eyes on your work like creating amazing photos. Make sure it's crisp, clear and creatively composed.

What are your favorite tips for new fashion stylists on social media? Let me know in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading, take care.

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