Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Art Supplies Every Fashion Stylist Needs

Art supplies can be a lifesaver for fashion stylists when they need to make presentations, impromptu props for shoots and signs for certain occasions and more. You just never know when you might need something extra and supplies to make it happen. I've needed board for presentations and let's just say I wish I had it ahead of time. Below are 10 + handy supplies to ALWAYS keep on hand.
1, 2. Foam Core Board & Poster Board: For presentations, signs and simple props.
3, 4. Colored Pencils & Colored Markers: To sketch styling ideas and color prop boards and signs.
5. Black Sharpies: To write signs and color in stenciled letters.
6. Stencils: Get various styles such as basic bold block letters, fancy and unique ones to use in making signs, presentations and props.
7. Xacto Knife + Extra Blades: For cutting boards and paper.
8. Glue + Tape: Elmer's glue stick, glue gun w/sticks, Modpodge, spray glue, painters tape and double sided tape.
9. Sturdy Scissors: One large and one small pair.
10. Paints + Brushes: Water colors, tempera paint, acyclic paint and an assortment of brushes to go with them. Oh and craft sponges with handles to apply paint too.
11. A Ruler: Because straight lined are a must!
First, check the dollar store for these supplies. Sometimes they have name brand items. Check Target, K Mart and Walmart for these items on sale especially during back to school time. As a last resort, try office supply and art supply stores, which could get pricy.
What art supplies do you find essential for your styling work? Let me know in the comments.
Thanks for reading, take care.

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