Thursday, September 4, 2014

Degen NYC Spring Summer 2015 Presentation

Just a couple days ago the opportunity came up to cover Degen's fashion week presentation. Monae Everett, hairstylist/makeup artist extraordinaire posted a notice in our blogger group to see if anyone was interested in writing about the hairstyles that she created for the presentation. Of course I jumped at the chance and I'm so glad I did.

The day of the presentation I arrived at Pier 59 Studios waaay over on West Street overlooking the Hudson River. The studio had a sleek, minimalist industrial ambience. The staff was friendly and welcoming and one of the employees walked me back to room two where the Degen presentation was.

I was directed backstage where I was to meet with Monae, who was the key hairstylist (leading her team of stylists) and photograph her in action. The room was abuzz with activity, but it wasn't what I expected. Everyone was so relaxed, calm and chill for backstage. Wow I thought, this is great! I had read that working and photographing backstage is stressful and chaotic but thankfully this was not.
I worked my way through to the back where Monae was. We greeted each other, she introduced me to Keisha, a member of her hairstyling team. Then, I took out my camera and got to work photographing the hairstyles and backstage activity. 

Monae's hairstyles were so creative. They ranged from spiked short styles and asymmetrical up do's on long hair, to what reminded me of finger coils and locks but on straight Caucasian hair! The makeup was done by INGLOT and packed a colorful punch, but at the same time looked very ethereal and dewy.

Once I finished photographing the backstage hair and activities, I went into the huge space where a stylized beach was set up. The models were dressed in super cute clothes ranging from fitted crop tops, leggings, shorts, bathing suits, tunics, short sleeve and long sleeve tee shirts, lounge pants, cozy, soft-looking life preserver vests. Some of the models were wearing Teva sandals, others were just wearing socks. A couple of them were wearing sleek leather backpacks.

There were a handful of photographers and a videographer with a steady cam. We all had plenty of time to photograph each look. After we finished, the models all gathered on the beach set. They were given a beach ball to toss around, while others were chilling and relaxing in beach chairs. One model was even lounging in a life preserver "floating" in the fake ocean waves on the set. The whole set up was very cute, imaginative and fun. As they tossed around the beach ball more and more people trickled into the studio. I think they were a mix of friends, family and colleagues of the Degen team plus maybe bloggers, editors and other fashion industry folks.

From my arrival to my departure was such a lovely experience. It was nice to observe that the designer Lindsay Degen was cheerily circulating through the studio wearing a cute smiley face tee shirt, shorts and Teva sandals in a similar style as her collection (she's pictured below with Monae). I enjoyed this positive energy fashion event and would love to attend future Degen NYC shows.
Stay tuned in October for my favorite Spring Summer 2015 looks from the presentation!

To see Monae's talent at work watch her YouTube channel Monae Artistry, check out her website Monae Everett as well as her Hair and Makeup Blog. She belongs to Hair Room Service artist agency and used Schwarzkopf USA  products for the hair styles.
Check out INGLOT's site as well as it's local stores in NYC .

Have you been to a Degen NYC presentation before? What did you like about it? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading, take care.

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