Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fall Season Must-Haves: Fashion & Beauty

Today is the official first day of Fall, HURRAY!! To celebrate I've compiled a list of my fashion and beauty must-haves. Keep in mind though that this IS NOT a specific current trends list. It's just the things I like and want and if they happens to be trendy, then cool.  :-)
My Must-Have Fashion Items:
1. Motorcycle Jacket (fitted)
2. Snazzy Sport Shoes
3. Cute Oxfords
4. Faux Leather Backpack
5. Brown Knee Boots
6. Black Pencil Skirt
7. Burgundy H & M Scarf
8. Ankle Boots (preferably Vince Camuto brand)
My Must-Have Beauty Items:
1. Creamy Facial Cleanser
2. Black Eyeliner
3, 4. Blood Red Lip Gloss + Matching Lip Liner
5. Mascara
6, 7. Peter Lamas Naturals Avocado & Olive Ultra Smoothing Shampoo & Conditioner (thebomb.com, right here)
What are your fashion and beauty must-haves for Fall? Let me know in the comments section.
Thanks for reading, take care.

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