Friday, September 19, 2014

Fashion Meanies #1

Fashion meanies are a dime. For some reason, the fashion industry seems to attract a microcosm of eccentrics and meanies ranging from lovable loonies to down right crazy, abusive megalomaniacs and everything in between. This is especially true in NYC or anywhere else with a large fashion industry.
I'm going to talk about my first experience with a fashion meanie during New York Fashion Week 2014. I won't give the event name, venue name or the company who produced the show. Even though I'd love to! But I'll share the overall experience because it's important to me.
I was an hour early at the fashion show event space to meet up with someone that I was attending the show with. As I was waiting for the person, it began to rain really hard. I took shelter under the awning of the building. A tried texting the person I was supposed to meet and my phone went haywire then died, which was really unusual for my phone.
Anyway, I wanted see if I could find a place to charge my phone. So I went inside where four women (probably interns) where stationed right next to the door. One of them looked like she was in charge, holding a clip board with a guest list on it. So I told her which show I was there for, showed my ticket and asked if there was a place to charge my phone.
She was very polite and professional. She found my name on the list, gave me an official event lanyard, which I guess was given to certain "important" attendees. She said I needed that in order to be inside and said if I go down the steps there should be a plug. So I went down the stairs leading to a landing and the opening to backstage. There was another group of employees, which were all women too. I smiled and told them which show I was there for, showed my ticket and asked if there was a place to charge my phone. One stern woman asked where I got the lanyard, I told her the woman at the door gave it to me. But "Miss Stern" said I didn't need the lanyard right now, asked for it back and I gave it to her. I asked again if there was anywhere I could charge my phone she said no. Then "Mr. Producer" came up to us in a typical fashion industry drama queen huff. Asked his peeon workers rapid fire, "who is she, what's she doing in here, she's not supposed to be in here!!!" Then he addressed me directly, "I'm the producer of this show!!!"
I smiled and said "Hi, I'm here for the ______ show later," showing my ticket. "My phone died, is it possible to plug it in here to let it charge?"
"No!" Mr. Producer snapped. Then, he got called away by someone and "Miss Stern" went with him. One of the nicer workers kindly told me that I needed to leave. I said ok, started walking up the steps and then saw an electrical outlet. I pointed to it and asked the woman if I could plug in to charge for just a minute and she said yes. So I did and got to charge up for about 3 minutes before Mr. Producer came back in a fury. He asked his team almost like a kid having a tantrum, "why is she still here?!" He came up to me in a frantic, furious huff, "Why are you still here?! I told you to leave! Do you want to be able to come back later and see the show?! THEN LEAVE NOW!!!" I unplugged quickly and quietly said "I just needed to charge my phone," as I hurried up the stairs and out the door. As the door closed behind me, I heard him scream at his workers, "No more being nice!!! Don't let anyone else in, she's nobody!!!!" Wow, what a weirdo I thought. He's creating all that drama over me asking politely if I could charge my phone. But you know the best part of this? A week prior to this fashion show I checked out the venue's website. Guess what the website said? Take a wild guess.....Give up? Well, the site said that the venue has PLENTY OF OUTLETS TO ALLOW PATRONS TO CHARGE THEIR PHONES. Now, don't that beat all?! All that crap I went through for nothing....It would have been nice if the venue staff had been present and directed me to one of its "PLENTY OF OUTLETS TO ALLOW PATRONS TO CHARGE THEIR PHONES." All wasn't lost with not being able to fully charge because THANK GOD Holiday Inn Express was a few doors down and I went to charge up in the lobby problem-free. I called my mom to tell her the insanity that just happened and then the person I was meeting called to ask where I was. I said I was in the lobby at Holiday Inn Express charging my phone because the venue wouldn't let me come in early and charge. So the person came over and we waited and talked until it was time to see the show. We went back saw the show and had a nice time. On my way out I noticed Mr. Producer, he greeted a woman then made a snide crack about her hair TO HER FACE. He smirked as he walked away and her jaw dropped in disbelief. So evidently he's just a loose cannon and a jerk to whoever he's talking with. Very unfortunate.... Now that the story is out of the way. I'm going to give some food thought. I don't think it made any sense how Mr. Producer treated me for a few reasons:
1. He didn't know me well enough to called me a nobody. I tend to think that if you mistreat someone you THINK is a nobody, they just might end up being 'somebody' with some kind of power or money. OR they might know or work for someone who could be more powerful than the offending fashion meanie. That's kind of the irony of New York in general and the NYC fashion industry specifically.
2. The NYC fashion industry is a small world. And newbies who get mistreated have mouths and they can talk to their connections and blog about their experience, LOL!
3. So called nobody-newbies progress in their careers and don't stay nobody forever.
Finally, I'll say this. Since Mr. Producer wasn't producing a show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week HE'S a nobody to me and surely to a lot of others.  
The moral of the story is that there really is no point mistreating people who did nothing wrong. Also, closed mouths don't get fed! So if I hadn't asked if I could charge my phone, I would have had a dead phone the rest of the day. Finally, I think treating people with basic decency and respect goes a long way and never goes out of style no matter what position in life people are in. Have you had any bad experiences with fashion meanies in your blossoming career so far? Sound off in the comments section. Please DO NOT use the guilty party's name or identifying info. As much much as they do suck, WE don't want to sink to their level.
Thanks for reading, take care.


  1. Hey Leah!

    You know, meanies really irritate me! To the point that I always call them out, kinda like, "Did I do something to personally offend you? If so, I apologize!" Yes, I tactfully let them know they are acting a damn fool.

    The mere fact that he would open up his mouth and say, "She's a nobody" shows that he has no regard for human life and is a miserable person. Honestly, we should feel bad for said individuals as they are sowing horrible seeds back into their own lives, not ours.

    Well, I am glad you had an opportunity to experience NY Fashion week, the good/bad/ugly.

    Warmest regards,


  2. Hi Yulunda! How are you? Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting, I appreciate it. I love your advice on how to handle meanies in a direct but respectful way, very classy.

    I also just had the idea to write about "fashion sweeties" because frankly the meanies shouldn't be the only ones getting a spotlight.

    Anyway, thanks again for reading! Peace :-)