Friday, September 12, 2014

Fashion Pro Spotlight: Edwige Foltek of Hypnozglam blog

Welcome to Fashion Friday! During Fashion Month I'm excited to be doing special spotlights on a wide range of fashion professionals and sharing their awesome insights with you! This week I'm spotlighting Edwige Foltek of the blog Hypnoz Glam. Below is our email interview, enjoy!

1. What is you fashion blog/website/venture called? When and why did you start it? Hypnoz Glam: a Fashion, Decor & Lifestyle Blog. On August 1st I put all fear aside and launched what I call now my little get away from the busy life. For years I've had a lot of admiration for the talented ladies and gentlemen out there that are sharing their passions with the world. I finally decided to blog not only because I will have the chance to write (I love writing) about some of the things that I love and share them with the world, but also because I've always aspired to inspire. I hope someone, somewhere, will find satisfaction and inspiration in my work.
2. What have been your most exciting and proud moments so far in your fashion venture? I had a few proud and exciting moments since I started blogging just a month ago: I'd say my proudest moment was when I actually launched my blog. For many reasons, I thought I wasn't ready. But It feels like a huge accomplishment when I hit the "Publish" button that day and made my blog site public. Besides that, I've been recently nominated for the Liebster Blog Award and as you can imagine I was beyond excited about the opportunity.
3. What growth and opportunities are you striving for during the rest of 2014 and in 2015 for this venture? You know, I promise myself to make this venture as pleasing and fun as possible and I decided not to put any pressure on myself. However, I'm an ambitious and goal-oriented person so I’m striving to reach as much audience and brands as possible and be an inspiration to as many as possible. I'm a believer and I pray that God guides me through this venture and in everything else I do.
4. Were can my readers learn more about you and your work? To learn more about me head over to Hypnoz Glam and feel free to drop me a line. Your feedback is also welcomed :-). Great things are coming - I can't say anything yet -but stay tuned and be sure to subscribe to my post or follow me on any social media platform you'd like. (Hypnoz Glam on Facebook)
5. What are your 3 Fall must-haves (clothing item, accessory, makeup)? My 3 picks for Fall must- have items will be: 1- Cape Coat : I find it feminine and not too bulky for the fall season. 2- "A statement piece" accessories! Every woman need at least one. 3- Red or plum lipstick. I think red is the new neutral. A fun way to brighten up your whole look is with earth tones, being the dominant colors worn in Fall.
6. Any closing statements or things you want to add that weren't discussed? - I would like to thank you for this opportunity for being featured in your blog. It means a lot to me. I appreciate all my readers and followers. All of this will not be possible without them. To anyone out there reading this and is still hesitant to start their blog, I say go for it! Do it with passion and determination! Do not quit even before you start. For my relatively new fellow bloggers, know that for some people, success may come right away, but for others, lots of works will need to be put in before... so do not give up and while working toward that dream of yours, do not forget to enjoy the ride and have fun.
7. What are the 3 resources every fashion professional needs to know about and use regularly? - 3 fashions resources I think anyone in the fashion industry should know about: 1- Portfolio: I think one fashion success tip is to create a portfolio. Every employer/client wants to see your work. 2- Networking: I'd say to possibly join a fashion organisation to stay current in industry trends. 3- Books. I'm biased because I love reading! But I think Fashion resource books are great ways to learn more about the industry.
Edwige has inspired me a lot from reading her answers to my questions. I wish her the best and much success and look forward to following her blog as it evolves. She's in the newbie fashion blogger club with me!!
Tell me what you think of the insights that Edwige shared in the comments below.
Thanks for reading, take care.

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