Monday, September 15, 2014 Review

I've known about for a while now but in recent months I have been paying more attention to the emails that they send me. Issuu is a website that allows you to browse thousands of independent digital magazines and of course I zeroed in on the fashion mags! These digi mags are formated just for its website. Said e-mails being sent to me are weekly digests of its latest magazine offerings they think I should check out.
One magazine that stood out to me was Baku Magazine. It's focus is the art, culture and fashion of Azerbaijan. As I looked at the masthead I was surprised to see that it is a Conde Naste publication.
Here are 5 reasons I'm loving Issuu:
1. The Clip and Share Functions: These allow you to zero in on relevant content and share via social media.
2. Discover Unique Content: I love all the cool Indie mags I can find on the site and browse for free.
3. Fashion Inspiration For Stylists: Looking through all the fashion mags on there, one is bound to find tons of ideas, designers, locations and products for their own projects.
4. Possible Job Opps for Stylists and Writers: As long as there are magazines there are opportunities to style their fashion stories and write for them.
5. High Quality Digi Mags: These mags are all the real deal. They are high quality and professionally produced. They tend to be super niche focused that online publishing is more cost effective.

If you like, what are some of your fave magazine discoveries? Let me know in the comments section.
Thank you for reading, take care.

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