Monday, September 29, 2014

Mind Right Monday # 7

Welcome to Mind Right Monday # 7! I just had an idea to start a dedicated journal for Mind Right Monday, to keep track of my goals and gratitude from week to week. Writing things down on paper is really helpful to me, so I can read it anytime I want instead on having to go online and shuffling through blog posts.
Anyway, on to the good stuff:
My Goals This Week:
1. To start a Mind Right Monday journal to track my goals and gratitude.
2. To keeping filling in the rest of my October editorial calendar.
3. To register for another continuing ed fashion styling class at F.I.T. today!
What I'm Grateful For:
1. The encouragement and collective brainpower of my blogger group.
2. Grateful that I was able to get my blog backlog under control.
3. Second chances.
That's it, short and sweet.
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Ok Dani
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What are your goals for this week and what are you grateful for? Let me know in the comments below.
Thanks for reading, peace.

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