Monday, September 1, 2014

Mind Right Monday Linkup # 3

Glad you decided to join me for the third edition of Mind Right Monday Linkup! This is where share my weekly goals and things I'm grateful for with you and the lovely bloggers hosting the linkup.
So with that, I'll jump right in.

Goals for the week

1. To do an amazing job covering the Ollari fashion show on Saturday! This is the announcement I mentioned last Friday!

2. To start off strong for Fashion Month on my blog.

What I'm Grateful for

1. To be attending the Fashion Week show of Meagan Ollari! *screams* I'm super excited to be attending my first show for fashion week. It's definitely the second highlight of my early career, behind speaking to Chrisette Michele during her Rich Hipster Press Conference!

2. I'm thankful that Sandy of the blog Fashnboucoup gave me the opportunity to cover the Ollari fashion show. Bless her heart!

3. I'm thankful for Krystle Rowry, the graphic designer behind Chrisette Michele's beautifully designed blog Rich Hipster, for making it possible for me to speak to Chrisette! Bless her heart.
What are your goals for the week and what are you grateful for? Let me know in the comments!
Go on over to the lovely hostesses blogs to see their goals and what they're thankful for!

Reese & Coco
Ok Dani

Thanks for reading, take care. :-)

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