Sunday, September 14, 2014

My Daily Uniform

Years ago I learned about the concept of having a "uniform." It's a simplified way of wearing clothes that look similar from day to day that can help streamline ones morning routine. But this is not the same thing as wearing the same clothes each day.
I've read and observed that lots of fashion designers have daily uniforms. For example, Karl Lagerfeld in his iconic black blazer, crisp white button up shirt and black jeans. He accessorizes with all black items including shades, a tie, driving gloves, a fan and sharp shoes. I just love his classic, sleek and ultra chic look. To top off his look he pulls his white hair into a neat ponytail. He mixes up this uniform look with variations of the same items.
Or let's take Carolina Herrera as another example. She just wears a timelessly elegant and simple ensemble of a crisp button down blouse and full skirt, accessorized with a necklace and heels. I love her style and I've definitely used this formula in putting togethers my own outfits.
With these two examples you get the point. Now on to my daily uniform. There are usually three variations of it.
1. Blouse + necklace + bracelets + watch + pants combo
2. Blouse + necklace + bracelets + watch + skirt combo
3. Blouse + necklace + bracelets + watch + shorts combo
Depending on the weather I'll add a blazer, sweater, boots and stylish scarf. This uniform goes for the clothes I wear in the spring, summer and fall, so I'll get into my winter uniform in a future post.
If you like to wear a daily "uniform" tell me about it in comments section! Thank you for reading, take care.


  1. Amazing. I did the same in Jamaica. I am use to wearing uniform to work, there is just something about it. The on the weekend I look completely different. I love the uniform look.

    1. Hi June! How are you? Yes, a daily uniform is so great because it takes all the guess-work out of deciding what to wear, at least for me :-)

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Take care and have a great day.