Sunday, September 21, 2014

My Stylist Kit (So Far)

Ah...the fashion stylist kit. It's made up of everything AND the kitchen sink. Everything you think you'll need for every conceivable wardrobe fix you'd need to do on set or on location working in various situations.
With that said, here are the newest editions to my styling kit that I bought at Manhattan Wardrobe Supply,
1. Basic Black Apron: For holding small things you need on hand all the time like pins, small clamps, lint roller, sewing kit etc.
2. Larger Clamps: These hold together all kinds of things but very good for cinching heavy fabrics to make coats look fitted.
3. Small Clamps: For holding small items and cinching thinner fabrics for a nice fitted look.
4. Anti-Slip Shoe Pads: To keep feet in heels from slipping forward.
5. Clothing Rack Dividers: Sometimes you'll need to hang clothes up and keep them separated.
List of My Older Items:
1. Lint Roller
2. Measuring Tape
3. Sewing Kit
4. Basic Makeup Kit: Eyeshadow, eyeshadow brush, lips gloss, lips gloss applicators, makeup wipes, fan makeup brush, face blotters.

5. Basic Office Supplies: Notebook, agenda planner, pens, highlighter, post-it flags, biz card folder and holder.
6. Masking Tape
7. Ground Cover
8. Paint Brush (to sweep off sidewalks)
9. Fabric Wipes
I bought the above items at:
Jack's World,
Bed, Bath & Beyond,
Destination A,
Hopefully, I didn't forget anything but if I did I will go back and add items here later. My kit is relatively small and there are several things I still need to get. Such as more small and maybe medium clamps, scissors,  a bite light for runway dressing, makeup and hair scarves to shield freshly done makeup and hair when putting clothes on.
What are your favorite essentials in your kit? Let me know in the comment section below.
Thanks for reading, take care.

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