Monday, September 1, 2014

New York Fashion Week 2014

Hey everyone, I'm excited because today is the first day of Fashion Month. It's a month when the fashion industry is abuzz with activity and many of the world's major cities hold fashion weeks. Of course there's New York Fashion Week (this week Sept. 4-11), London Fashion Week (Sept. 12-16), Milan Fashion Week (Sept. 17-23) and Paris Fashion Week (Sept. 23-Oct. 1).
Now, I have some VERY cool news for you....This is my first season going to New York Fashion Week! Well, sort of, I won't be at any shows at the official Mercedes Benz Fashion Week held in Lincoln Center. But I will be going to a show this Saturday to cover the Spring/Summer 2015 debut collection of Meagan Ollari. Which is going to be the first runway show I'll see in NYC! So I'm super excited. I'll also watch Nicholas K's fashion show  online and write about it on Sept. 4th, so stay tuned for that.
When was your first fashion week and what shows did you attend? Let me know in the comments.
Thanks for reading, take care.

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