Thursday, September 4, 2014

Nicholas K Spring 2015 Show Review

Nicholas K is one of my favorite designers. I love the way she creates such effortless looks with flowing layers juxtaposed again clean lines and edgy details. I first became aware of her clothes when I was watching her show online in 2009 on YouTube. I've been following her collections ever since.

In the spring 2015 show that I viewed online, all her signature design elements were there.

1. Flowy, loose fitting dresses and tops.
2. Draped scarves.
3. Silky, sheer and sturdy fabrics.
4. Long tassel bracelets, armbands and necklaces.
5. Muted and subdued colors and bold pops of color in garments.

Click here to view her Spring 2015 show.
The theme for this collection reminded me of a chic female desert nomad, traversing the sand dunes of the Middle East in high style. The music of the show even set that ambiance. The show opened with dark olive looks, muted greens and khakis followed. Later creams, blacks and whites sashayed down the runway. I liked the flowy, silky shirts and tunics paired with sheer harem style capris. The oversized scarves draped elegantly over the models heads looked great for styling in the NYC spring when the weather is still a bit chilly. Towards the end of the show I loved the flowing aquamarine pieces, I thought to myself now that's what spring is all about, bright poppin colors! Are you a fan of Nicholas K's designs and if so what do you like about them? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading, take care.

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