Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Prepping to Attend a Fashion Show

There are some essential preparations we all need to do before attending a fashion show. Here's what I recommend for everyone. Plus, what I'm wearing and taking with me.

Essentials Things to Do and Must-Haves for Everyone

1. Pack Your Purse the Day Before: Keyword day before, so you're not rushing around the night before and possibly stressing out trying to find things and going to bed late.

2. Bring: Snacks, neat to eat, odorless and compact ones. Maybe trail mix, a chocolate bar, bottled water, juice box, apple sauce in a little squeeze bag, energy and granola bars, grapes, apple slices, raisins, nuts, baby carrots, celery and crackers, plus plastic silverware and napkins. Bring whatever you like as long as it doesn't make your breathe smell because you'll be meeting a lot of people.

3. Bring: Tech items such as a camera, laptop, iPad, cell, voice recorder (for interviews) and chargers for all devices, either regular and/or portable. Headphones or ear buds are a must for entertainment during downtimes between shows.

4. Bring: Items to freshen you up such as breath freshener, small comb & brush, mini deodorant, toothpicks, makeup, hair elastics, lotion, bobby pins, hand sanitizing wipes, travel size pack of tissues and Shout wipes for fabric stains.

5. Bring: A notebook for taking notes about the shows and events that you attend as well as other important info you'll need to jot down. Business cards, business brochures, ballet flats to change into, small shoe bag, extra pens, a highlighter, small umbrella, a magazine and black matte tights. Extra cash for cabs and an unlimited 7-day Metrocard plus an extra pay-per-ride Metrocard filled with at least $40 because you never when you'll need a backup card.

Well that's all I can think of and bringing these items with you totally depends on what you need in order to be productive and your personal preferences. Add or take away items as you need to.

Now, onto what I'm wearing and bringing to the Ollari fashion show.

1. My Outfit: I'll wear either a white button up blouse, black lace skirt, black blazer, red necklace, faux pearl bracelets, black tights and heels. Or I'll wear a red dress, sheer houndstooth check print tie neck blouse, black blazer, black tights and black heels.

2. My Bag: It's a toss up between my giant black Gap bag or my black Forever 21 satchel that's just big enough but not huge like the Gap bag.

3. A few small snacks since I plan to eat a hearty late lunch before the show and mints.

4. Tech: Camera + battery charger, extra SD card, cell phone + charger, voice recorder for a possible interview with the designer.

5. Other Important Items: Pens, notebook, biz cards, my biz brochures, unlimited Metrocard, hand sanitizing wipes, umbrella, maybe a magazine.

What are your essentials for fashion week and what will you be wearing?

Thanks for reading, take care.

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