Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Celebrity Styling Class Session #2

Tonight's session two of Fashion Styling for Celebrity Images was great. We talked about requesting clothes from designers for a celeb's events, appearances and more. This request is known as the pitch, which is emailed to the designer's press contact. The pitch subject line must be compelling enough to make them want to read it.
But before you email the pitch, you must email ahead of time to ask who the press contact is (my professor said stylists are considered press). Once you have the right contact info you can send your pitch to that person. The pitch should only be two paragraphs long and include the following info:
-Who you are
-Your celebrity client
-Their top accolades (if they are not an A or B-lister)
-What occasion(s) they need clothes/accessories for
-What kind of items you want to borrow or have custom made
-Call to action
The homework assignment is to write a compelling and sendable pitch letter, due next week.
Now onto the 5 key insights that I learned:
1. You have to train people to work with you the way you WANT them to work with you.
2. Use better, more descriptive words when you're styling.
3. Styling celebrities on press junkets are big money paid by the movie company.
4. Know who the influencers are.
5. Figure out who's going to be next. Look for untapped pools of clients that no one is paying attention to.
These are the great pearls of wisdom professor Pamela Macklin taught us this week.
In the comments section, please share your own insights from your styling experience so far. I'd love to hear them.
Thanks for reading, take care.

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