Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Celebrity Styling Class Session #3

I'm in the home stretch for Fashion Styling for Celebrity Images at FIT. This is my second to the last week of the class. I'm like yay, in some ways because I'm eager to go out and apply what I'm learning. But I'm sad in other ways because it's great class.
I've learned a wealth of insights from professor and stylist Pamela Macklin. I love that she is teaching this course as more of a practical life lessons for how to navigate the intricacies of a styling career.
The lecture in this session focused on meeting the style needs of a celebrity client for various occasions. First, you have to determine the purpose of the celebrity's presence at the event. Then, dress them according to the time of the event, their activities at the event, location, weather, purpose of event etc. But that was just the top of the iceberg.
With that said, I will jump into the 5 key insights that I've learned in tonight's session.
1. You develop your client's image based on their needs, wants and style sensibility.
2. You can't change your clients from zero to 60 when you first start working with them. Just like anyone, their style evolution is going to be a gradual process.
3. Look for cues in the way your client dresses to help you figure out what they like and feel comfortable in.
4. Take a minute before entering a room. Relax and focus on having good energy.
5. Be mindful of your walk-in impression and how you look when you enter a room. Also, be aware of your leave behind impression and energy.
What are some valuable insights that you've learned during your styling career thus far? Let me know in the comments.
Thanks for reading, take care.

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