Monday, October 20, 2014

Mind Right Monday #10

Here we go, it's Mind Right Monday folks, welcome! This is week #10 for me. I'm proud of myself for sticking with it!
My Goals for This Week:
1. To finish up strong for my final project in Fashion Styling for Celebrity Images.
2. To start creating a plan for outreach to new and low level entertainment people.
3. To revise some of my services and rewrite my service descriptions.
4. To add new services.
5. Redesign and print more of my business cards.
6. Upload my styling client photos to my blog.
7. To design my first fashion story exclusively for my blog.
1. For my first fashion internship!
2. For all the continued blessings and opportunities coming my way.
3. For the great people I'm meeting along my career journey.
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What are your goals for this week and what are you grateful for? Let me know in the comments below.
Thanks for reading, take care.


  1. I love how you incorporate your goals on your site I think its awesome because it shows your weekly growth as a stylist. I'm def. grateful to have a community where we can share ideas and network. Your content is great because its giving me an insight on what it means to be a stylist. I look forward to future post. I would love for you to post on the site as a guest blogger! Let me know. XoXo

    1. Hi Skye! How are you? Thanks for the kind words, I appreciate it! I'm so delighted that you've found some helpful info on my blog. If my blog helps just one person it's all worth it to me. You are welcome to join Mind Right Monday, which is hosted by Danielle from Yes, I'd love to write a guest post for you one day soon! I had read your post about tips for fashion show producers that you posted on BLM and loved it, very informative.

      Thanks again for stopping by, take care. I'll be updating the blog soon!