Friday, January 9, 2015

What to Do When You Outgrow People

This is tough topic, so let's just tackle it head-on! In our personal and professional lives we will always be faced with outgrowing people aka exploring new horizons and going in new directions. It's a natural part of life and shouldn't be feared.

The first time I realized that I'd outgrown certain people was a few years ago. I was really stressed out and sad because I thought "oh no, now what?" The realization was accompanied by a whole range of emotions that go with change and moving on from people you shared good times with. But change is necessary for growth, variety and ultimately becoming who you want to be.

If you find that you've outgrown people and want to explore new horizons here's what to do.

1. Keep calm, carry on: Yes, cliche...I know, I know but it's helpful to be calm about it and just keep it moving like normal. Don't lose sleep over it because life and more great people are abundant in this world. You just have to look for the abundance.

2. Have Gratitude for the Good Times: Tell the person what you've appreciated about them and thank them.

3. Do Not Burn Bridges: Just because you're moving on doesn't mean you need to burn bridges, keep it classy and mature. In fact, the person doesn't even need to know you've moving on without them. You're simply not putting any new energy into interacting with them, that's all.

4. If They Say Anything, Be Honest: Yes, be honest just say something like, "I've been putting a lot of energy into activities that are fulfilling to me." That's all you have to say. It's about your own choices and owning what you do with your time. You're keeping it positive. Or you can say anything that fits your situation without making the other person feel bad.

5. Enjoy Your New Horizons: Now that you've moved on, enjoy it to the fullest!! Remember that life's full of possibilities and sometimes you just have to do some relationship housecleaning to make way for the new.

Have you ever outgrown people and didn't know what to do? Or you were blindsided by someone outgrowing you? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading, take care.

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