Monday, February 9, 2015

Mind Right Monday #4-#6

Hey everyone, welcome to Mind Right Monday! I missed the past two weeks of posting so I'll just be combining Mind Right Monday #4, #5 and #6 (this week) into one little neat package. Hopefully, you know the drill or if you're new to the blog here's the deal. Mind Right Monday is a link up in which participants write down what they are grateful for and their goals for the week. It's that simple. Let's jump right in!
What I'm grateful for:
1. This is pretty much the same thing all the time: great supportive family, living in NYC to pursue my dream career, great opportunities and all that good stuff!
2. Lightbulb moments and epiphanies.
3. Smart people who offer me guidance.
4. Branding geniuses!
5. Webinars.
6. The variety of business coaches out there that are super duper gifted at what they do.
7. My recent breakthroughs!
Now for my goals:
1. To create the final draft of my personal  branding inspiration board--in words!
2. To start on my personal branding inspiration board on Pinterest.
3. To tie up loose ends from last week's Mind Right Monday.
4. Check out the clearance sales.
Check out the hostesses of Mind Right Monday at:
What are you grateful for and what are your goals for the week? Let me know in the comments below.
Thanks for reading take care.

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