Friday, May 1, 2015

Fashion Pro Spotlight: LaShon, Chloe + Isabel Merchandiser and For the Love of Curls blogger

This is the second Fashion Pro Spotlight for today. You're in for a treat because I've interview LaShon who is a fairly new Chloe + Isabel jewelry merchandiser. She has a lot to share about growing her business selling these beautiful adornments. She also blogs at For the Love of

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your blog For The Love of Curls.

"My name is LaShon Renee and I'm a natural hair, beauty and lifestyle blogger based in Los Angeles. I started blogging about natural hair after I started transitioning to team natural because I was so enthusiastic about learning how to care for my own hair. That was almost four years ago so now I've widened the scope of what topics my blog covers." 

2. Talk about why you decided to become a Chloe + Isabel merchandiser. Your enthusiasm for the brand has rubbed off on me especially after you sent me that spring catalog. Their jewelry is just so darn gorgeous!

"I originally got into direct sales with another jewelry company at the end of July 2014. Things were going well at least so I thought but then abruptly in December they announced they were going out of business. After getting over the initial shock I decided to look for another company who's jewelry I loved and I came across Chloe + Isabel. I fell in love with their vintage, classic styles and their bold statement pieces. I also loved that they offer a lifetime guarantee on all their jewelry." 

3. Show and tell about your top 5 favorite C + I pieces and ideas for styling them.

"It's hard to choose but I love the Pave North-South Ring, which I wear on my pointer finger as a cocktail ring.

The Jardins Du Trocadero Statement Bracelet is another fave that can easily be worn dressed up or down.

The Medina Hexagon Pave Bangle set have a unique shape that makes them stand out and the crystals add that extra touch of bling.

We have Bead-Chain Multi-Wrap Bracelets that come in several colors and can be worn as a necklace, bracelet, headband or anklet.

Last but not least I love, love the Multi-Strand Chain Bib Necklace with pave crystal clasp that just makes me feel so classy every time I wear it!"

4. What are your 3 favorite fashion and 3 favorite makeup trends this spring?

"I'm not really one to follow trends as I'm more into classics that stand the test of time but spring is my favorite time of year fashion wise because of all the color that is in the stores. Every spring I'm like bring on the orange, yellow, blue! I tend to go a little crazy in the spring."

5. What are the 5 must-know resources for every fashion blogger and young fashion brand owner? 


6. Tell us about your favorite promotional tips that we can us to spread the word about our fashion brands?

"My favorite promotional tip is network, network, network. I have found it always pays to know a lot of people from various backgrounds. You just never know when knowing the right person will come in handy. Of course when you network you want to be genuinely interested in the people you know. Genuineness really comes through."

7. Talk about your current C + I promotion

"Our current promotion until April 30th is our Friends and Family Sale which gives everyone 25% off of my entire boutique. This only happens twice a year so it's an excellent time to shop and get some new bling for spring!"

8. Please provide a link to all the social media you want us to check out for your blog and C + I business.

9. There anything else you'd like to add that wasn't previously talked about?

"I just want to thank you for the opportunity to be interviewed. This is a perfect example of the power of networking because we met via a blogger Facebook group and now I'm featured on your blog. How cool is that!"

I hope you'll all stop by LaShon's blog and social media and enjoy!

Let me know what you liked about this interview in the comments section.

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