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Roxanne Carne Fashion Stylist

Roxanne Carne is an L.A. fashion stylist at the beginning of her career. She and I recently became acquainted in a Facebook group when a Facebook friend in the group mentioned that she met Roxanne at a styling class. So I naturally had to ask questions about the class and Roxanne.

I came to find out that she is just starting out in the industry. It's awesome because my blog is all about supporting and encouraging fellow stylists who are at the beginning or a few years into their careers. I'm especially exciting to feature a brand new stylist!
Here is our e-mail interview, enjoy:

1. Since you're new to the styling industry, talk a bit about what inspired you to become a fashion stylist. What are a few of the goals you've set for yourself and where do you hope to be this time next year?

My love affair with fashion started at an early age! I was born and raised in New York City (need I say more?) and for many years my mother worked on Fifth Avenue. As a result, I was exposed to some of the very best shopping experiences in the world. I always enjoyed dressing up and being photographed as a child. My first homemade fashion shoot was when I was in 3rd grade!

But really my love for fashion, clothes, and pop culture made me decide to want to become a stylist. Over the years that I've spent in Corporate America, I definitely came across people that made me wonder, "What are you wearing and WHY?" My passion is to help others better understand their body types and develop a stronger sense of their style.  When you look great, you automatically feel great and I want to help my clients get there!

2. What is your signature personal style and your favorite style icons?

My signature style is a combination of classic and minimalist. I prefer clean lines and structure, solids, and dark & neutral colors. Designers/fashion houses that come to mind who match my sense of style include Calvin Klein (I LOVE the Ready-to-Wear Collection for Fall 2015), Alexander Wang, and Burberry. Hand on heart, I'm also gravitating to more edgy looks as well - designers like Tom Ford and Alexander McQueen's fashion house fit the bill. Fashion icons whose style resonates with me include Victoria Beckham, Kerry Washington (a la Olivia Pope) and Audrey Hepburn.  

3. Tell about your recent experience at the Simply Stylist workshop and the School of Style program that you attended. What key learning insights do you feel will help you the most?

Both the Simply Stylist workshop and the School of Style's program were great!  The Simply Stylist workshop in July was a high-level overview of what a stylist's life is like in the entertainment industry.  Celebrity stylist, Daniel Musto, was the guest speaker and it was great learning about his experience and how he got started in the industry. What impressed me most about him is that he's so young (he only just turned 30) but he's had a very interesting journey as a stylist and a TV personality. At one point in his presentation, Daniel highlighted a simple, but famous Maya Angelou quote, "When you know better, you do better." This is so important in this industry because it's inevitable that you'll make a mistake, but if you do, you lick your wounds, learn from it/don't do it again and keep it moving! As you grow and learn, you really will do better!

Now onto the School of Style (SoS) which I'm so excited to talk about! I've actually taken two classes with them so far for the year (Personal Styling & the Styling Certification Program) and will be taking their Menswear class this fall. Taking these courses solidified my decision to move forward with my Personal Styling business. Lauren Messiah & Luke Storey are the founders/instructors - not only are they experts in styling but they are funny, offer great hands-on exercises & activities (both in and out of the studio), and foster a community of sharing in their Style Society Network (this network is available only to graduates from the program). Lauren's personal styling class walks you through every aspect of the business from an operational and marketing standpoint. The certification program is more centered on working as a fashion stylist inside the entertainment & media industries. This program is a little over a week long where you have onsite class days, but also offsite days to work on various stages of an editorial project. I don't want to give too much away but you're participating in activities where you are actually engaging with stylist industry insiders as part of your final project. Lauren & Luke are a great team and have so much industry insight you walk away knowing exactly what to do and more importantly, what not to do!

4. What are 3 fall 2015 fashion trends and 3 fall makeup trends that you're excited to use for yourself?

For the coming fall season, I'm in love with textured statement coats that are are shiny. I used to have one years ago, gave it away and now I want it back!  I'm also loving statement coats with big furry cuffs - I think those look so classy & feminine. Another look that I'd like for myself that came off this season's runway is high-waisted skinny pants. As with most women, I like my legs to look as long as possible and these pants do the job! They're also very sexy when paired with the right shoes and overcoat.  

When it comes to makeup, I'm pretty much minimalist but I'm tempted to move away from my staple lip glosses to embrace a bolder, deeper lip color which is popular this season. Deep plum & Bordeaux colors are especially catching my eye. Speaking of eyes, smoky eyes have also been big on the runway - although this is something that I do regularly regardless of the time of year!  Another favorite trend of mine for the upcoming season is graphic eyeliner - if done right, you really don't need to do too much of anything else!

5. What are 4 must-know resources that you'd recommend for emerging fashion stylists? What advice would you give stylists like you who are just starting out?

Big Brand System Blog - This blog has a plethora of free articles and advice about how to build your brand through your website, communications, etc. In the styling business, since YOU are your brand, a resource like this is a must-have to help you define how you want to market yourself in the industry. - While this may seem like an obvious resource, I don't think many emerging fashion stylists leverage this site as much as they should. This is a free online encyclopedia of practically every top designer and fashion house.  There are archives upon archives of fashion shows that go back several years. This can be great reference material for styling projects and it's comprehensive way to see how designers have evolved their style over time. Their work is forever memorialized on this site and I think that's so cool!

The School of Style - In addition to their awesome styling classes, SoS also has a deep archive of blog postings that are centered on helping stylists develop their business, market themselves and navigate through this fast-paced industry. Their blog is the most comprehensive resource I've seen for up-and-coming stylists.

Women's Wear Daily (WWD) - I love this resource because it's a great education tool - specifically highlighting business & economic aspects of the fashion industry. It's important that you know and understand this because it greatly affects what we see on the runway and in stores. WWD is also one of my favorite resources because it fulfills the business/nerdy side of my personality! And, if you happen to be a student, the annual subscription fee is discounted! 

6. Anything else you'd like to add that was not previously covered?

Network, network, network. You have to put yourself out there and literally make things happen. It's like jumping into a cold pool, you just have to trust yourself & your abilities and dive in. Meeting people, as in the right people, will help propel your career but remember consistency is key. Like P. Diddy once said, "Don't talk about it, BE about it!"

What did you like about this feature? I'd love to hear your feedback in comment section below.

Thanks you for reading, take care.

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