Monday, August 10, 2015

Graphic Designer Liv of

I'm excited to announce that Media Monday is here with a spotlight on Liv, graphic designer/owner of! I've been on the look out for a great graphic designer for a very long time so it's great to feature one on my blog.

I discovered her in a Facebook group I'm in and after asking her a few questions there, I wanted to talk to her more about her services. I found out that she does super cool, stylish urban illustrations in addition to her design work. I figured it would be a good idea to interview her for the blog so others can see her work. Without further adieu here is our interview, enjoy!

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your graphic design services.

Well, I am a professional Graphic Designer and Illustrator, residing in Los Angeles, CA. I grew up as an artsy shy kid, the typical story..I was always into fashion, but it wasn't my main focus because I didn't get encouragement to pursue it via my parents, as it seemed to be an unrealistic profession at that time. I knew, however, that my future would be somewhere in the creative field from an early age. When I was about 15/16, I started familiarizing myself with Photoshop..that was my first love. A few years later, I happened to network with some graphic designers and I grew an interest in digital Illustration. I picked up on the basics, and expanded from there. Everyone around was into my style, and I started getting requests to illustrate for money. I was certain of my career choice in this field about 2 years later, when MTV Germany featured my Hip Hop Series Illustrations on their website. Now, some 14 years later, I am working in my field as a professional illustrator and graphic designer and offering my creative services to companies and people of all backgrounds.

2. I think your work has a very stylish, colorful, fun vibe to it, which may be a great fit for other fashion professionals. In what ways do you think fashion stylists/fashion bloggers can especially benefit from your services if they want to hire you?

I believe that my style is very unique, and people of all professions, especially fellow creatives, can see that I make my illustrations come alive. I always look for depth, I try to bring out the best in a client's reference shot. I have limited knowledge of the people that commission me for work, so their photo is what builds my idea of what they are, how they see themselves, and how they want to be perceived by their personal or professional surrounding. I make it my responsibility to present them in their best light through an amazing, stylish illustration.  I have a thorough eye for shadows and highlights, depth fields, and I love fashion. I think people can tell that I am passionate about style and I love strong features, bold lines, vibrant colors and tones.

3. What are some of you visual influences and the inspiration behind your graphic design aesthetic?

Truthfully, my background is in urban art. I have always loved graffiti, hip hop, and style. As a teen, I was super inspired by East Coast hip hop and R'n'B. I grew up at a time when this music (think Nas, Jay-Z, Erykah Badu, The Roots, to even early J.Lo, Ashanti, Ja Rule days in the early 2000's) was super inspiring, and everything sounded different. Many videos at that time had a very clean style, vibrant colors, stylish urban settings. I loved that. So that's what inspires me. I've always lived in big cities, capitals and traveled a lot since childhood. So I am inspired by people I meet, fashion, music, and street vibes.

4. What are 4 resources that you recommend all fashion pros know about?

As I am not truly a fashion professional, I can share some general artistic advice. As a professional Creative, I can say that a major resource for me is just simply networking and bouncing off ideas with friends and potential friends. You never know who you're going to run into. It's OK to look at other people's work and get inspired. I usually look at my favorite celebrities, think of who I might just want to illustrate for myself - a non commissioned piece. I think it's important to remember to create pieces for yourself that allow you to expand your skill sets. Experiment. I like to browse fashion and urban magazines, photographer portfolios, instagram etc. for inspiration.

5.  Where can my readers connect with you on social media?

You can follow me on Instagram @livinelay. I am on twitter @livinelay, but I am not really active there. Feel free to visit me on as well.

6. Is there anything else you'd like to add that wasn't previously covered?

I'd like to just thank you for featuring me in this interview :). I am usually super low key. But I appreciate this. I'd like to encourage your readers to get in touch and network with me, if they are interested. I love working with other creatives. If anyone needs Graphic Design or Illustration services, just drop me a line and I'll happily discuss your project with you.

What did you like about the interview? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading, taking care.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Photographer Kiki Price Offers Blogger Photo Shoot Services

I first found out about Kiki Price, owner of Kandid Kouture Photography in my blogger group when someone asked a question about photography and she shared some insights. I discovered that she is preparing a photography package just for bloggers. I also had a few questions myself. So I took the opportunity to invite her to share her ideas, insights and tell us more about the services that she offers bloggers.

Kiki Price 

Here is our e-mail interview, enjoy!

1. Talk a little bit about how you got started in photography and your blog and photography services for bloggers?

I have always had a love for photography. Since the year of 2003, I was rarely ever seen on an outing without my camera. However at that time, I had no idea that I was so in love with photography that it'd serve as my full time source of employment. One day after posting yet another collage of pictures on my facebook page, a friend of mine who's been a professional photographer since the late 90's asked me why I did not photograph as a business. He saw potential. It's a beautiful thing when you finally see the promise that others saw in you before you.

Long story short, he encouraged me to take the plunge and gave me advice on the very first camera I should start with. I went out, purchased (a T3i), I learned the ins and outs of the camera, I started booking, and the rest is history. I've recently decided to offer services to bloggers because, let's be honest, not everyone's a jack of all trades. Just as a fashion stylist knows an abundance of knowledge about how to get the best out of fashion, a photographer knows best about angles, lighting, and scenery to bring the photo to life. When you put a master photographer and a master stylist into a room together with one Subject, one should be prepared for an astounding editorial like image to be produced effortlessly.

2. For fashion stylists and fashion bloggers who want to break into photographing their styling clients or other bloggers what tips would you give for getting started?

For fashion stylists/bloggers that want to break into photographing their styling clients my tip would be to first find out if you actually enjoy photography or if you simply want to get a good clear picture of your client in that snazzy outfit you styled them in. Because you love to style does not mean you would love putting in extra time to get the perfect shot to showcase your styling work. My advice would simply be to put together a team. Comprise the team of a photographer, a hairstylist, and an MUA. If you don't have enough funds to cover paying everyone consider bartering or collaborating on a project together.

3. What type of concerns should be outlined in a contract and discussed before beginning to photograph clients?

Before photographing clients, one of the main concerns that should be outlined in the contract is how you will share the photograph over social media platforms. Clients must have the option to opt out of having their images displayed publicly if they so choose. This is huge and it is something that is many times overlooked.

4. What are 4 essential fashion photography resources that you feel every fashion stylist and fashion blogger should know about?

Everyone fashion stylist/blogger should have a subscription to their favorite fashion magazine(s). Me, I love Vogue and I absolutely adore Essence Magazine. When you are reading and checking out the latest trends/fashions in these mags, you are subconsciously studying other things that are just as important in a good fashion photo. These things are poses, colors, and settings.

5. Who are some of the photographers that influenced your work and why?

One of my favorite photographers Sue Bryce. She is widely known in the photographic world and she shares a vast amount of knowledge on how she achieves many of the looks in her work. While I have never met her in person, she seems to be an amazing photographer and person via social media. Sue's work is very exquisite and reminds me of refined glamour. Those two things alone in my world of photography will always tickle my fancy.

6. Where can my readers see more of your work and check out your social media?

My work can be viewed via my website at, my blog, twitter @mskikiprice
Email You can also find me on PERISCOPE @MsKikiPrice. Every Tuesday I share quick tips about different areas of photography.

An example of Kiki's work:

"Still one of my favorite fashion photos was this gorgeous grunge look shot in San Diego, California. A photographer must understand lines, curves and scenery. This young lady shot in a grunge look but this particular photo was meant to show her softer side. Shot almost 2 years ago, I still to this day absolutely love it!"