Meet the Stylist!

Photo Credit: Julian Gravesande    
My Style Story:

I’ve always loved fashion. From the time I was really little I’d ask my sisters to take me into the bridal store at the mall to look at the pretty dresses. When I was about 10 or 11, I became obsessed with Mattel Fashion Plates (Google it).
As a teenager, I was bound and determined to become a fashion designer, move to NYC and attend the Fashion Institute of Technology. I’d watch anything that had to do with fashion. I’d religiously read W magazine and memorize all the important happenings going on the fashion world.
Fashion as a hobby and an interest lead me to obtain a certificate in Fashion Merchandising at my local community college. Years later I got my wish to attend college in NYC but for communications and I decided to become a fashion stylist rather than a designer. But either way I’m living my dream!

Photo Credit: Chris LaVigne

My Styling Philosophy:
A lot of people find fashion to be daunting, scary, lofty and judgmental. In life, some things really are that serious but fashion should not be one of them! Fashion at it’s best is an art form and at the end of the day fashion is all about self-expression, which is liberating. 

As a fashion stylist I want to help my clients start their own campaigns of self-expression by adding new elements to their wardrobe, cultivating their true personal style or even completely changing up their entire look if they choose.

I strive to make my styling sessions safe and judgment free for all my clients. Helping people explore how fun fashion can be and helping them look fantastic are my main priorities.

I teach clients the key elements to looking great in clothes: cut, fit and style of garments. So I can guarantee my clients will go away looking fab if they stick to these elements.

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