Free Styling NYC

I’m a beginning fashion stylist offering individuals in the New York City area 1 FREE fashion styling session in order to build up my portfolio and professional network.

The offer is NOT unlimited though. I have sessions available for 12 people, 7 men and 5 women. I’m looking for people with a wide diversity of ages, looks and body types. I’m especially interested in styling people in creative professions who want to be styled to reflect their creative, artistic spirit. You are a person who either wants to try a whole new look or add just a few new, creative elements to your everyday look.
The only money required for the session would be to purchase your own clothing and accessories.

Services that you have to choose from:

1. Creative Style Remix (NO SHOPPING NEEDED, I will use your current wardrobe to put together new looks for you.)

2. Finding Your Style (Shopping trip to buy and put together the style that best reflects you.)

3. Creative Accessorizing (Shopping trip to buy accessories to mix and match with your existing wardrobe.)
Your session will be customized to fit your needs and for ANY occasion.
By participating you must agree to be photographed in your “before outfit,” as well as the outfits that you try on during the session and we will arrange a final reveal photo shoot of your total look.

You may even choose to remain anonymous in the photos by wearing sunglasses or being photographed from the neck down or head turned to the side. In general, clients can opt to be in either my print portfolio, online portfolio or both which includes all or some of my social media accounts.
At the end of each session, participants are required to fill out a short customer satisfaction survey. They are encouraged to provide an optional testimonial statement if they enjoyed working with me.
What You Get for Participating:

- A 10% discount for all future services that I offer as a thank you for helping me build my portfolio.
- A feature with links to your website and/or blog and social media via my blog and social media accounts.
- Future features on my blog and social media about your creative projects.
- A final reveal photo shoot of the looks that I styled for you. Plus, you get copies of all the photos from your shoot.
Three Easy Steps to Booking a Styling Session:

Step 1: You will fill out the style assessment available at or

Step 2: After you answer the questions, I'll do a little research and put together a personalized style plan for you including stores, items and products to help you get the look that you're trying to achieve. The style plan will be given to you during the styling session.

Step 3: You can book an appointment with me at your convenience.

Here's How the 2-Hour Shopping Session is Structured:
- I'll have 3 looks (based on your preferences and shopping list) ready for you when you arrive at the store. 

- You'll try on the outfits and see what you like. I'll take a photo of each look.

- If you'd like to look for more items we can take a look around the shop and I'll point out different looks to see what you like and dislike.

During the Session I Will:

- Recommend creative ways to put everything together.

- Suggest styles that I think would look good on you based on your likes and body shape.

- I'll answer all the style questions you may have.

- After you've bought everything, we can set a day to do a final reveal photo shoot of your new look.
My 6 Point Pledge to My Clients:
1.      To keep you on or below your budget and keep your session within the allotted time.

2.      To help you find the best fitting clothes possible as well provide honest feedback on the fit and styles that you try on.

3.       To help you find the items that you want and need.

4.       To answer all of your style questions during the session.

5.       To provide ongoing style support after the styling session.

6.       To make sure you go away happy with the session and your purchases.
This offer extends when each styling session slot is filled up and completed. So book your session today, I look forward to styling you soon, peace!   

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